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Sessions, Plenaries & Posters

MHSRS provides a collaborative setting for the exchange of information between military providers with deployment experience, research and academic scientists, international partners, and industry on research and related Warfighter healthcare initiatives. This year’s scientific presentations will focus on four critical areas—Warfighter Medical Readiness, Expeditionary Medicine, Warfighter Performance, and Return to Duty.

Check out the sessions and posters presented at the 2019 MHSRS:

Breakout Sessions

Monday, 19 August     Tuesday, 20 August     Wednesday, 21 August     Thursday, 22 August

Poster Sessions

Poster Session 1: Tuesday, 20 August     Poster Session 2: Wednesday, 21 August

Scientific Plenary Sessions

Scientific Plenary Sessions A & B: Wednesday, 21 August

Young Investigator Competition

Wednesday, 21 August